Vixen Blu….Working For Your Smut

Often, I describe myself as “everything and nothing”. I walk between the worlds and I float into new territory with the idea of pushing myself to do more. However, there has come a time this last year or two where I find myself yearning for more serenity and to break a streak of being all-too-serious as I work to remain strong and patient for the good that can come to me.

Life ™ has become really draining as of late, sucking out my vibrant energy. I know, I shouldnt let that be so but there is a such thing as too much at once. Feeling my flame flicker, getting tested again and again. I have seen other camgirls and performers who have fallen on hard times but had some really caring fans and friends come through. I myself do not expect it as something that will happen to me and admittedly I resist bringing woe to my kinky sexy timeline.

It is the times when my attitude is really poor or Im in a distressed disposition that I go afk and work back to the baseline. I throw chill times into my day, watching the sexy times between other online perverts and seeking out joyful experiences and interactions. Posting the things that are positively…enticing and which indulges sensual tastes.

Through this, those close to me have been let in on things more and these friends have been helpful and supportive. The private conversations mean something and a helping hand each time I have failed or had my efforts become moot with disappointment. As always, I remain grateful for the aid in chasing these demons away so I can keep myself going.

photo of UltraBook while video editing

Small but powerful, this computer will allow me to do shows again. Oh, and it even lets me edit video.

On the upswing, things have turned around. Last Spring, R’s friend needed something and a laptop was part of the barter. With much grattitude for R, I now am in possession of a teeny weeny media/streaming-ready machine. He wants me to make it mine, that sweet and lovable wuffie. This laptop will need a bit of attention paid to it.

I am lovin that i have a new computer. I gotta work back up to momentum, and Im starting small and taking it a week at a time. Hoping that in the next few weeks, I can make some changes to this blog. My online pet-play and toystore also demands my attention with some improvements made there as well.

Our furry little household has become quite hunkered down, with everyone’s respected jobs. Even meddle is busting her ass for better things. So, I intend to continue hitting the bricks and making the options I need to get onto the next step. Still, I have reached a good milestone where ass meets grindstone. At least, the hardest part (getting a new laptop) is over.

There is no shortage of the next phase where I rebuild and improve on my overall operations. I have built the wishlists, now I can appreciate the fact that such goals are coming into my view.

Workin hard so I can play hard….

Choosing To Meet The Werewolf (Primal Hardwere Review)

Halloween time is coming up, and while I cant make any plans, its that time of year where we start thinking of costumes and the spooky creatures we might become.  Its a no brainer that Im totally hot for werewolves. I have thought of alot of transformation scenarios that would be so hot even if only from movie effects.  Such a creature of lore has always been represented as a turning point which humans enact something very primal.  

My introduction to “anthro” dildos even came from a toy meant to represent a werewolf (or canine). From a recent online search, I found another toy I wanted to try…and this one is a bit more *ahem* interactive.  Among the nylon harnesses (for fursuiters) and silicon dongs, there was Primal Hardwere‘s line of “wereables”, a wearable sheath for any male-bodied person interested in adding toys to their non-solo play.

Full view of the Growler, upon my bed.

Form and Design

All three of Primal Hardwere’s wearable toys offer 2 different sizes, according to the wearer’s length. My partner was kind of in between sizes but, upon a brief email inquiry I was advised to round up on the size, so we ordered a 7. Regardless of the size chosen, each one is created with the following measurements (on the outside).

Total Length 8.75 inches
Usable Length 8 inches
Shaft Diameter 2.25 inches
Shaft Circumference 6.8 inches
Knot Diameter 3 inches
Knot Circumference 9 inches

For anyone getting the 7-inch of a Primal Hardware toy, one has the option of an open or closed tip.  For the sake of safety (protection) and simplicity, we chose to leave the tip closed. Your toy can be created in one of 20 stock colors, as well as an option to have it two-tone for $10 extra.


Primal Hardwere’s intimate toys are made using platinum-cured silicone. The “finish” of the toy does appear a bit more rough than some other toys which I have tried but its definitely made of great quality silicone.

For now, they seem to only make one level of “hardness”.  Their focus was (as described on their website), “hard enough to insert, yet soft enough to easily stretch around your length.”.  When I took the toy from its packaging, I felt all along the shaft.  I could squeeze it and give it playful tugs. It was quite spongy. As I squeezed in areas closer to its tip, there was a bit more firmness due to being above the top of the inner sleeve.

Later on, when it was placed on my partner, I touched and squeezed at the surface again. In just a short time, it had become warm from my partner’s body heat. With the toy on him, any of the sponginess that I noticed from before was going away.  The toy is quite thick all around but overall girth increases dramatically once it is being worn.

Sensations For The Fox

R was definitely curious on how this toy would feel. One warm day, we decided to try it with a reviving shower, a great place to experiment without a huge mess.  J-Lube is a great water based lubricant, even if it requires a pre-mix just before play.  Holding the toy inverted, I rubbed the toy down on the outside with water and then placed a small dollop of lube into the tube.

I made sure the entire inside was coated with lube and then lovingly caressed my partner with some too. The toy slid on easily and I stepped back, watching the toy point up at a 45 degree angle with R’s hard-on.  Gently giving R a squeeze, I squeezed a few times at the shaft to ensure that an air pocket had not formed at the end of the tube.  I kept a bit of light stroking, admiring the feedback from the sheath moving on R.  We did try and get a little play in but with the wearable increasing R’s girth and length,  it seemed that our bodies (waistline, leg length) did not line up all that well.

Afterwards, I made R walk the distance from the bathroom to our upstairs room with the Growler still on him. He maintained half an erection, probably due to the break in play energy as we decided to take this upstairs. Regardless, the Growler stayed on thanks to the base “loop” on the toy which wraps around the wearer’s balls.

Growler Palm ComparisonAfter some foreplay and using my hands, we tried things with R in a fully reclined position.  I re-applied lube to myself and took the insertion slow.  R let me ride him on my own rhythm as I worked myself down on the toy.  Each time I would come down on my bounce, I would get a bit of feedback from inside the toy. R felt the toy was slightly big on him, so he’d be open to a size 6 should Primal Hardwere ever make one.

This toy definitely can fill you up fast so there was a bit of time before I could finally work the rest of the way across the knot.  Of note, there was one area towards the bottom/underside of the shaft, which seemed to really pull and stretch at my walls in that area. I did try and re-seat myself and change angles, to find positions which might alleviate the sensation.

While J-Lube can dry out (especially if there is a fan aimed on you), I did not have to worry about this as my own wetness added to the lube and kept us going. Using an “interactive” toy like this, I would want the toy to be pleasurable for both of us. Even with fast and/or long strokes, as long as lubricant was in play (on the inside) the feeling was pleasant for him.  A climax achieved with some werewolf play is unmatched. 😀


Unboxing view of Growler toy from Primal HardwereMy item came to me in a plain cardboard box with its labeling not having anything that suggested such an intimate product was inside.  This is about as discreet as you can get it. It used air packs to keep the item from moving about in the box during shipment.  The Growler was sealed in a plastic bag within.


4 Tailswishes out of 5. The Growler is a great addition to R and I’s toybox, using sturdy, high-quality silicone.  The outer surface of the toy had a few areas that seemed (and felt) rougher but a very awesome product for non-solo play.  This toy offered us mutual pleasure, adding to our fantasies.  

Buy It Now: Primal Hardwere’s Growler Wereable

Cleaning, Care and Storage

Cleaning a silicone toy is relatively easy. If you are doing a brief, precursory cleaning, one can just use soap and water. In addition, there are plenty of toy cleaning products out there to do the job. Be sure to check the labeling on these bottles carefully to verify that the cleaner you choose does not have any advisories against silicone materials.  If in doubt, do a patch test.

Platinum-cured silicone sex toys really are one of the most body safe materials you can place into your body.  For proper cleaning, I tend to use a 10/90% bleach-water solution. However, for those inclined, one could also clean Primal Hardwere toys using a sterilizing mix designed for cleaning baby bottle nipples. I do not share my toys with others but, if you do, Id recommend this above the aforementioned precursory cleaning.  Because of the sleeve aspect of this toy, make sure you clean the inside well and double check that it is fully dry and lube-free.

While I have not actually done this, I don’t doubt that Primal Hardwere toys can be placed in the dishwasher.  Id recommend using the top rack to do this. Because wearables are hollow, Id suggest putting them face down, using the grill to support the base.  Due to the areas near that base which are thinner, be mindful of any sharp areas around it. Dry with a lint-free cloth and leave it out to dry.

Yiffy Media Release – Gutterpunk Barbershop


Buy Now
I’m heading out for the most excellent of adventures but this long hair has got to go. Passing into the desert, I stopped in at Bonnie’s dark, grungy barbershop. Half dressed for the festival already, I already have my shredded shirt over some layers of fishnet. Seated upon a rough chair, Bonnie starts the clippers up and begins to shave me. There is nothing more soothing than the feeling of the shears making first contact with my head. I can feel the short strokes as she works to redefine the lines of my mohawk-Chelsea haircut, making the buzzing come in short bursts near my ear. The long patches of hair tickle me as they fall off from me. My head is sensitive just from that first pass and I fight the urge to rub my head. Bonnie starts working me over with the smaller clippers and my scalp seems to rise with new goosebumps. Its sensual in a way that any mohawked girl likely knows. In fact, I’m so relaxed that I’m slumped in the chair, legs open, ever the plush ‘lady’.

Next comes the cream, with Bonnie seeking that down-to-the-skin shave. Back to basics she uses a razor, cool water upon my scalp with each stroke. She works with precision and gets me smooth as a cue ball. My scalp gets those familiar pleasant sensations, but my sighs are covered by the dull buzzing. Bonnie is the girl who can shave me right and there is nothing more satisfying than the air upon my smooth head.


With Bonnie’s background as a hairdresser there was no doubt that we could make a hot shaving video happen. Under all the wigs and funky hair pieces is more a rough-and-tumble punk tomboy.  Shooting again with Bitchslap Films, I was able to get further back towards my roots…so to speak 😉


Letting Your Inner Animal Play (Petplay Palace)

There are times when one just needs to walk away from the seriousness of life. Yes, we all need to put our big girl panties on and deal with what we are responsible for, but there is a good reason why we still need to remember how to play, as well as reminding ourselves to engage in play, for our own sanity.  We need to immerse ourselves in a world where we can leave our concerns at the door and just….let go. For me, such “playtime” can come in a number of forms but, admittedly, I have been doing alot more watching (voyeurism) than engaging in the play myself (due to a number of reasons in my personal life).

As much as Twitter can distract me…it also helps me discover new things which tickle my fancy or that inspire something within me. It helps that I know so many people who are kink-positive and who are inventive in new ways to play.   My fuzzy little heart skips a beat when I come across projects that touch on my deepest and strongest desires. I gravitate to things which cultivate the primal force that is the basis of my fursonas.

Puppygirl Puggles with a toy while taking a batch

Puppygirl Princess Puggles in the bathtub (Posted with permission from PetPlay Palace)

Some months ago,  I had come across Denali Winter through Alice (of Alice in Bondageland) because they have planned many a hot scene together and I have seen some great pics come across my timeline. It was there that I learned of Petplay Palace, an upcoming site dedicated to one of my favorite types of kink/fetish — animal roleplay. Encouraged by Denali’s open and transparent approach towards fans/admirers, I began exploring the project’s Tumblr page and following along in the adventure.

Even before the Offbeatr campaign began, Denali’s feed(s) have been gracing my screen with great content. From puppyboys in the dirt, running about to the devious kitty trying to connive a treat, there is an undeniable amount of potential that will be unleashed, should this project be given its funding.  I also love seeing the open-ended approach towards body types, various sexual orientations, and gender identities. It is through my exposure to a spectrum of people, that many of creative or kinky explorations have begun.

Alani Pi, Anna/Cherry and  Katt Anomia  walking towards the pool

Alani Pi, Anna/Cherry and Katt Anomia on route for a poolside photoshoot. (Posted with permission from PetPlay Palace)

Having been disappointed in another crowdfund project gone wrong, I admit, there was a sense of disenchantment before I began exploring Denali’s pet project (hurrhurr…pun intended).  Really, when it comes to crowdfunding, transparency is one of the often overlooked aspects that can drive people to part with their hard earned money. Denali’s participation in the kink scene and variety of dynamics shown, even from their quick snaps and content previews, give me a good sense of the energy that one can expect out of the Petplay Palace.

Im very reserved when it comes to posting anything on my blog that markets someone or something. However, I almost cant contain my excitement on seeing this project come to fruition. Currently, PetPlay Palace is at 34% funding, with less than a month to go.  It would be great if I could get in on some of the wonderful incentives offered with this campaign but, at the very least, I encourage others to check this project out.

Petplay Palace’s Offbeatr Campaign
Petplay Palace on Twitter
Petplay Palace on FetLife
Petplay Palace on Instagram

No More Work, Time For Play

The beginning of this year has become a time of flux (vs fucks).  Lots of change but it has involved a mutual (within my household) sense of sacrificing a bit of the time we spend playing with extra work. Such hard work will eventually pay off but right now, I feel like Cinderella who desires just one night off.  meddle has been visiting me off and on between jobs that involve many nights spent off-mountain. One random day, meddle called me and told me that she had a week between jobs. Better yet, Miss felt that with just a week, we were going to need to use our time wisely.

Within that week, we passed our slut around like a doobie at a hippie concert. Some nights, it was literally “stuff-stuff-give” as our slut traveled a short distance between her house and mine. There was even a new toy to play with, which I admit, did stunt some of the playtime because of the way it fills pony up. (sorry, not sorry).

It was an amazing time of letting the aggressive beast from my cage, getting aggressive with my slut, and a good bit of whoresing around. Seriously, a welcome experience after so much ass-to-grindstone drudgery.  Even pony has been more of a work horse in the passing weeks than anything else, so we were quite a lovely combination of letting primal steam off.

meddle crossing her heels upon my bed

Pink stripper heels and sexy legs, meddle shows off her self-made heel locks.

A mere inquiry from my Twitter followers sparked what would become a photo session in my semi-defunct webcam studio. Sissy Connie had been wondering how my pony’s high heel locks work and look as I think she is contemplating this kind of confinement in her own play. For slutty slaves, it is only natural to get all gussied up in sexy attire while creating such informative photos.

When we climbed those stairs, meddle was already in the headspace required for these brief shots. Earlier that day, I had primed pony’s pump with some ass play. I just loved the gloves that pony had gifted me to use. She squirmed and wiggled, moving back and forth almost as if without a will of her own (but you probably figured that by now…hehehe).  Even after the needed photos were taken, I got back to my side-job work (from home) and just *mocking hand gesture* plain forgot that I had left meddle stuck as a stripper in her heels.

Friday Thighsday

Vixen Blu candid bedroom nude, showing thighs

I sometimes have a hard time getting up from a comfortable bed, but there are times you just have to. As I had asked, R came into my room one morning and stripped the covers from my bed. This pose kind of happened but before I could recover, and R practically commanded that I did not move any further. Instant thigh pic. No thong for Thursday but I got thighs for today. Happy Friday!

Out of Sync, Out Of Time

Im not one to blog on negative aspects, but at this point, I do need to be honest with you as well as being honest with myself…

Midway through this past year, I ran into some issues with my camming computer, mostly with regards to keeping my software updated properly for the sake of the cam networks I use. At some point, I could no longer update those key things due to my computer being too old so I figured I would just get by on what I had for now, saving up for a new computer. I did managed to do a few shows (with maybe 1 or 2 where the computer shut off on me, thankfully while still in free chat).

Sometime last summer, our household’s overall income changed due to R losing his job. Some of the money I had saved up had to go into housing expenses because, had I continued to hoard my savings for the sake of getting my needs met (a new computer, replacement things for my camming outfits), our house might of been foreclosed and/or our utilities shut off. I just couldnt consciously sit by and use money for my stuff (even if it is for work) while R struggled to keep things going while waiting for unemployment and keeping our utilities on. Still, I fooled myself into thinking that maybe this would be temporary.

I also fooled myself into thinking that, with perseverance and patience, we would come out smelling like roses. That day has not come (…yet) and, all the while this chaos goes on, my computer has gotten worse and worse with its sudden shutdowns and its issues with the mouse. Come today, while trying to work on updating my machine, I found the mouse had fully stopped working. At first, I was able to keep things working by using a toothpick as a kludge (yeah, I know.).  Then, I borrowed a USB mouse from another computer and am living on it just for the sake of making sure all of my data is backed up. Yes, the one good thing is that the issues with this computer have nothing to do with the hard drive.

In November/December, I put a lot of planned updates down so that I could work some part time jobs to keep us afloat and begin saving for my computer again. I did have a wishlist up with the hopes of tackling some of the side stuff such as outfits, makeup and other things that are indeed a NEED for camgirls. I had my clips4sale store up as well.

None of this has panned out. Money that was earned went to keeping the household afloat and my wishlist forever remains unused.  I admit, in a situation like this, I COULD of pressed my Twitter followers to aid me by buying off my wishlist or purchasing more content, but no one hears the begging of a broke person and thinks “wow, that’s so sexy. I think Ill buy her something because her pathetic whining just gets me so aroused.” (LOL). So, at this point, I think its time to give up camming for a good long time.  Its obvious that, without a house to cam in, I cant cam so household expenses (and tasks to aid in getting money for those household expenses) have to come at an even higher priority than before.

The loss of my main adult performance computer was a huge hit to my trying-but-struggling productivity, but there are some things of comfort.  In the next month, I do have one big project that will  be cleared off my plate and will allow me to to release some much delayed pay-clips on my store. I will continue to take calls on my line from time to time.  Adult product/toy reviews are still on, probably starting again in February.  So, luckily I don’t have to go fully dark….just put a bit less of my focus on these things and more on getting my resources back up to par.

An Uncut Dragon Appears… (Bad Dragon Review)

A few months have passed since the last toy review, and Bad Dragon continues to output more products that are worth a look-see. While I don’t try and jump on (pun intended) every new product that comes out of this company’s doors, the Flint caught my eye.

White Small Flint - standing alone

I’ll come out and say it. In my sexual life, exposure to an uncircumcised male penis has been rare.  This can be due to any number of religious and cultural reasons (and JL Gothos has some interesting perspectives about this from all angles).  Some of my real-life partners (who are “uncut”) have told me of situations that they felt, on a visual level, that their member was “inadequate” or unsightly due to it being uncut.  Me personally? I have never believed such things. My body shuddering from sheer excitement and orgasms that such partners have brought me do not support the above.

When one looks at the selection of dildos on the market, the stigma (or even some perceived “rarity” of an uncut penis) is further demonstrated when one looks at the selection of dildos on the market. Any dildo that has been created with the purpose of representing a human penis, gets modeled after a circumcised male penis. Ironically, Bad Dragon has never been in the business to make human-shaped intimate products, but they have come through with Flint, the Uncut Dragon

Form and Design

Flint model toys are available in small, medium, and large. Different firmness options are also offered, allowing you to get the toy that is firm enough for penetration but to your comfort level. A 3 firmness level is the softest, 5 is “normal” and 7 is the hardest option. The color of the toy can be specified, from a solid color to 2 colors to something exceptionally custom. I went with the small sized Flint due to the girth measurements seen below. Yes, Flint is quite the big one. 😉

Dimensions (inches) Small Medium Large Extra Large
Total Length 7.00 8.50 11.00 13.00
Usable Length 5.50 6.50 8.50 10.00
Circumference of Shaft 6.8 9.00 11.13 13.50
Diameter of Shaft 2.25 3.00 3.25 4.25
Circumference of Head 5.50 6.25 7.25 8.75


Bad Dragon toys are made in platinum cured silicone, with the amount of “firmness” varying depending on what you order.  A “split” option is not (yet) offered for this design, so I chose my always-successful firmness level of 5. This gives a somewhat-pliable feel to the toy but its not as soft that it cannot stand upright without leaning (my Naga toy does this often which has made photographing it a bit difficult). With the cumtube being placed into this toy, it does not appear to change make this toy any “harder”.  The tiny nubs upon the toy do not press in or give way when I hold or squeeze it.  Overall, I love how consistent the feel is throughout the toy.

Sensations For The Fox

This time around, R was home and I asked him to help me. Honestly, he had never done this before but I promised him it was “..for science!” *grins*

Bad Dragon Flint Closeup

Ridges, and sensual nubs…

Of the toys in my collection, Flint is the thickest at the toy’s tip. Even aside from the ridges from its “foreskin”, the toy has nub/bumps around it. Laying back in a comfortable position, I had R slide the tip in and admittedly, I could feel every ridge or nub as it passed my lips and went into me. The girth of the toy does come into play as it lacks a real dramatic taper. By the time about 1/3 of the toy was inside me, it was filling me up quite quick. There is no shortage of texture offered on this toy. Each ridge and nub gave me a thrill as R moved this toy in and out of me. My vaginal muscles were giving feedback with its spasms.

R began to make small pumps of the cumtube and I could feel the toy *literally* filling me up, the fluid dripping out of me with each stroke. R grinned as he heard me reaching a climax and there was an amusing moment when my muscles twitched in such a way and forced the toy back out of me, with a torrent of cumlube leaving my body and joining the existing puddle upon the towel.

At some point, the rubbing of all those textures inside me became too great and I practically cried out for R to cease play. Flint might be the most textured toy that I have tried and it appears my sensitive insides have a limit. Doesnt help that R was getting a thrill out of all the reactions he could get out of me.

Using The Cum Tube

Detail of Flint's Cumtube Option

Draining Dragon…

I continue to have great fun with the additional interactivity with this toy, using the cumlube inside the toy’s cumtube. Much of my experiences with insertable toys in general are enhanced when there is benefit for my partner(s) to interact with the toy as well and try all the ways  that they might make me squirm. With the cumtube option, my partners seem to respond to Bad Dragon toys more than any other “typical” toy one might find in my playroom.

Each cum-tube model comes with large capacity syringe, with easy attachment for the toy’s tube. Before play, I took the cumlube bottle and placed it inside a small open bin and filled the bin with enough warm water to keep the lube bottle from floating around but to make sure it warmed the contents inside. Bad Dragon syringes come in a clear plastic cylinder. Setting up your “sticky experience” is relatively easy but I advise you to make sure you have a towel at the ready.

Note: While “In use” picture for this product do exist, they are not listed here out of desire to present a professional review.  Those pics are available on My Porn Profile picset page.


Bad Dragon  Review - PackagingJust like their very basic packaging that I got when I bought it at con, Bad Dragon makes sure the box is as plain Jane as possible while being transported by your friendly postman. Couriers are not fond of boxes which rattle so there were also plenty of packing peanuts in here too. The actual items were wrapped in tissue paper, with the toy itself being wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.



This toy was a great experience for me. Bad Dragon continue to do what they can to offer variety in every aspect mentioned above. However, the toy’s lack of a distinct taper does make it harder for me to insert due to the overall girth of a toy. Its possible that, in time, this may change but definitely something to consider.

Buy It Now: Bad Dragon: Flint

Cleaning, Care and Storage

The care of this toy can be done with a 10% bleach solution but silicone of this type can also be cleaned with a sterilizing mix used for sterilizing baby bottles. Personally, I clean toys with the bleach mix, but am looking at other options. When not doing major cleanings, soap and water is fine or you can check out the number of silicone-friendly toy cleaners which exist on the market. Bad Dragon toys are dishwasher safe, but its recommended to place them on the top rack. Be careful how you lay them in there, as you don’t want anything poking or causing dimples in your toy as the cycle goes on. Dry with a lint-free cloth and leave it out to dry.

For storing the toys, you can store them in plastic bags, preventing any of your other toys from touching. One can also wrap them in towels or (hopefully) lint/shed-free fabric as long as you don’t use fabric softener with it. I always store them on the top (don’t let them get squished!) of some other containers, wrapped within fabric and out of harms way (especially because I store them in my play room).

For this one, which has a cumtube, I cleared the full tube beforehand by pumping warm water through it. After the wash cycle, fill your syringe with warm water and “pump through” a few times to clear any excess lube. For the cum tube, fill the syringe with warm water and pump through a few times to clear your lube from the cum tube. Try and hang the cum tube up, with the opening downwards so that excess water is drained

Recommended Accessories/Lubricants

In play, I don’t find myself adding lube onto me before penetration. With Bad Dragon toys being made of silicone, use of a water based lubricant is recommended. I like the Bad Dragon Dragon cum lube for these toys because of thier girth, allowing the toy to slide into me a bit easier. For the sake of those with allergies, do note that this cum lube does contain propylparaben and methylparabens.

More Images:

Vixen’s Favorite

Last week, I decided to get a camshow in before an appraiser was to visit the house. What had encouraged me to do so, despite the aforementioned heat?

Why, a new outfit, of course! It came in the form of casual shopping at a department store while awaiting for R to get done buying something in a nearby store. Normally Im SOL when it comes to off-the-rack lingerie that will fit a 2x/3x person. However this lingerie caught my eye with its blue color that perfectly matches my fursona colors. Better…it was exactly 2X so I snatched it up.

I must of chosen the coolest day of the week because I got a good amount of photos taken. Here are a few free images of my picset.

Such A Sweetie Ready to Present
Alone Time Tug

Was hoping to do some naughty stuff on cam but sadly, no one took me private (its more common than this cam girl admits) before my computer died out. Its kind of annoying. In another few weeks Im hoping my room will be cool enough to do another camshow.

If you are in search of my content, the best bet is Clips4Sale (for movies) and My Porn Profile (for more hot picsets like this one). Hopefully I can keep myself from throwing this computer across the room long enough to get another long-overdue set of content released.

New Site, Same Sexy

Wow, what a crazy 2 weeks it has been.  I have already been away from my fans for far too long, working extra hours in my webgeek job.  I have been barely able to get into my cam room due to the heat that rises to the top of my house (doesn’t help that I have no air conditioning and am in an windowless room).  Im making small bits of progress anyway and doing some cleaning of our house so I can have room for more stuff which will actually serve me.

Than June 27th came and I had received this note from Blogger

Blogger logo with red cross out

No More Blogger….

In short, Blogger decided to give adult bloggers a choice — either get rid of your banners/hyperlinks for adult sites or GTFO. Given that my site features reviews (which will inevitably link to Google’s broad definition of “adult sites”) it was pretty obvious that I was going to have to move.