A Sticky Naga Indeed (Bad Dragon Review)

When it comes to sex toys, I do not lean towards buying them on a consistent basis. Part of the reason comes from previous experience that involved me buying one of the few types of insertables that do not agree with my body. With moving parts in a toy, I find that they break easily or the electronics are set up sloppy. As a result, many of my insertable toys do not having moving parts.

I appreciate toys that have vibration, oscillation, etc… I have been choosing dongs as a safe bet. That being said, its nice to finally do my first review on an insertable toy, let alone one from one of my favorite companies. When it comes to my sex life, there are a lot of nuances that cater to my furry side, and that may be why Bad Dragon toys are dominating my selection of insertable toys.

Purple Medium Naga - standing alone

Purple Medium Naga – standing alone

For the cum tubes, I managed to miss the boat both times I got a product from them. Its obvious that at the convention, you get remains of the inventory brought (all 2+ pallets). Navigate the swarm/line around their dealers’ den during Day 2 of Con and you might find yourself SOL on getting a cum tube model. Up until a month ago, cum tubes were also not available on small model toys. I liked my second toy’s size small just fine but I wanted to review the cum tube part as well. So… medium it was. Who knew that just a month later, Bad Dragon would change it and begin offering tubes in small models. So, a toy bigger than I intended but an anthro dildo review nonetheless. 😉

Close-up of the Naga's contours

Close-up of the Naga’s contours

Form and Design

With Bad Dragon come many many options on the size and color of your toy. Naga model toys are available in small, medium, and large (please see chart below). Different firmness options are also offered, allowing you to get the toy that is firm enough for penetration but to your comfort level. A 3 firmness level is the softest, 5 is “normal” and 7 is the hardest option. The color of the toy can be specified, from a solid color to 2 colors to something exceptionally custom. For furries like me, this is an especially attractive concept, as I have no shortage of anthro male characters that I could picture “interacting” with my fursonas.

Dimensions (inches) Small Medium Large
Diameter of Head 1.00 1.50 2.10
Circumference of Head 3.50 5.10 6.90
Diameter of Shaft 1.10 1.60 2.25
Circumference of Shaft 3.75 5.50 7.40
Diameter of Knot 1.60 2.25 3.00
Circumference of Knot 5.50 8.00 11.00
Usable Length 5.40 8.10 10.80
Total Length 6.10 9.40 12.50


Bad Dragon toys are made in platinum cured silicone, with options available for the firmness of your toy. I was pleased with the idea of trying out a toy one step softer on Bad Dragon’s “firmness”. My Naga is a #3, which is definitely softer than the #5 of my David toy, giving more response when squeezed. Holding the base flat upon the palm of my hand, I feel like this one wobbles about more, so I may consider going with a “split” design in the future to get the best of the normal hardness and the best of the #3.

Sensations For The Fox

As wet as I can get, lubricant is necessary for Bad Dragon toys because of the girth of its majority. Naga’s conical and subtly ribbed tip made for a smooth entry, but with this level of firmness (#3), it slipped around the first two times I tried to insert it. It provides a nice taper for the shaft and is great for rubbing on the clitoris during foreplay.

Sadly, with my choice of #3 hardness, the toy can sometimes bend if I don’t get the tip aimed just right. Generally, Bad Dragon toys can have a very dense base, making them awkward when handling them for some alone time. However, I had a partner “helping” me for this review and was able to achieve a more comfortable posture while taking its length.

Once I am on the shaft, I really feel myself fill up quick. For medium nagas, the knot is a little over half an inch more than the diameter of the shaft and I do feel the difference. Due to my partner’s angle advantage (and some pony patience), he was able to get the knot all the way inside of me. Many of the knot designs Bad Dragon implements have bulges and indentations between the bulged areas. The toy gives me a good spectrum of sensation as my walls close around the varying contours in the tip, shaft and knot (during a camshow, I made quite a mess). As my vagina wrapped around the shaft, I could feel the knot’s contours along my inner labia and clit for sure. It made for some pleasurable sensation when my partner began thrusting again. Bad Dragon’s design has some subtle contours such as soft veins, dips and crevices. Even very small and soft bumps can add extra tingles across me while using the toy.

Using The Cum Tube

Definitely did not disappoint me and adds to the interactivity of this toy…not to mention the salacious amusement from R and my pony. Each cum-tube model comes with large capacity syringe, with easy attachment for the toy’s tube. The syringe came to me in a clear plastic cylinder. Setting up your “sticky experience” is relatively easy but I advise you to make sure you have a towel at the ready. Additionally, I had placed one beneath me as I often do and that towel even got plenty of the cum lube on it when all was done. When the syringe had been depressed (by my partner), I definitely got that similar feeling to the “real thing”, but I do wish there was a method for warming the lubricant while it lays in the syringe.

Note: While “In use” picture for this product do exist, they are not listed here out of desire to present a professional review.  Those pics are available on My Porn Profile picset page.

Recommended Accessories/Lubricants

Purple Naga and Accessories

Purple Naga and Accessories

In play, I don’t find myself adding lube onto me before penetration. When I do, it is (predictably) when I’m having fun with Bad Dragon products. Bad Dragon Dragon cum lube works well for that purpose, a water based lube allowing the broad toy to slide in me easier. Note that the cum lube does contain parabens, which is one thing I hope changes in the future. The parabens don’t bother me but I’m not crazy about continuing to use the cum lube when there are alternatives available. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, Ill be trying another lubricant that goes for that same semen-like consistency.


Contents of my shipment.  From left to right: Cumlube (clear), cumlube (white), Cum tube syringe, the Naga Toy, light pink #3 sample disc, button, pin, and 2 teenie weenies

Contents of my shipment. From left to right: Cumlube (clear), cumlube (white), Cum tube syringe, the Naga Toy, light pink #3 sample disc, button, pin, and 2 teenie weenies

Just like their very basic packaging that I got when I bought it at con, Bad Dragon makes sure the box is as plain Jane as possible while being transported by your friendly postman. Couriers are not fond of boxes which rattle so there were also plenty of packing peanuts in here too. The actual items were wrapped in opaque purple tissue paper. I was sent a material sample disc and a few other goodies, which were wrapped up in the tissue paper as well. The toy itself came in its own thick plastic sealed bag, labeled with the model size and hardness.

Cleaning, Care and Storage

The care of this toy can be done with a 10% bleach solution but silicone of this type can also be cleaned with a sterilizing mix used for sterilizing baby bottles. Personally, I clean toys with the bleach mix, but am looking at other options. When not doing major cleanings, soap and water is fine or you can check out the number of silicone-friendly toy cleaners which exist on the market. If you are going to use soap, check the ingredients first as silicone derivatives will “eat” your toy. In addition, Bad Dragon toys are dishwasher safe, but its recommended to place them on the top rack and, obviously, sans any soap. Dry with a lint-free cloth and leave it out to dry. For the cum tube, fill the syringe with warm water and pump through a few times to clear your lube from the cum tube. Try and hang the cum tube up, with the opening downwards so that excess water is drained

Now that I have 3, storage has gotten interesting. Currently they are wrapped in cloth/or other tee-shirts, Once in contact with a sharp object (or bitten or cut), silicone toys become very vulnerable to further damage. Id prefer to store them in fabric that I know has not been treated with fabric softeners, so I’m contacting a friend about making me a few storage bags.


4 Tailswishes out of 5. My choice of #3 firmness all through the toy was simply too soft so I may revisit this model later with #5 or a #3/#5 split. Compared to other designs, this model of toy was not high on my list of Bad Dragon toys. However, it gave me a chance to reconsider something of a different species. My Naga is going to be a fantastic addition to my collection, and hopefully Ill get more customers asking for the “cum enhancement” on their private chat experiences.

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