An Uncut Dragon Appears… (Bad Dragon Review)

A few months have passed since the last toy review, and Bad Dragon continues to output more products that are worth a look-see. While I don’t try and jump on (pun intended) every new product that comes out of this company’s doors, the Flint caught my eye.

White Small Flint - standing alone

I’ll come out and say it. In my sexual life, exposure to an uncircumcised male penis has been rare.  This can be due to any number of religious and cultural reasons (and JL Gothos has some interesting perspectives about this from all angles).  Some of my real-life partners (who are “uncut”) have told me of situations that they felt, on a visual level, that their member was “inadequate” or unsightly due to it being uncut.  Me personally? I have never believed such things. My body shuddering from sheer excitement and orgasms that such partners have brought me do not support the above.

When one looks at the selection of dildos on the market, the stigma (or even some perceived “rarity” of an uncut penis) is further demonstrated when one looks at the selection of dildos on the market. Any dildo that has been created with the purpose of representing a human penis, gets modeled after a circumcised male penis. Ironically, Bad Dragon has never been in the business to make human-shaped intimate products, but they have come through with Flint, the Uncut Dragon

Form and Design

Flint model toys are available in small, medium, and large. Different firmness options are also offered, allowing you to get the toy that is firm enough for penetration but to your comfort level. A 3 firmness level is the softest, 5 is “normal” and 7 is the hardest option. The color of the toy can be specified, from a solid color to 2 colors to something exceptionally custom. I went with the small sized Flint due to the girth measurements seen below. Yes, Flint is quite the big one. 😉

Dimensions (inches) Small Medium Large Extra Large
Total Length 7.00 8.50 11.00 13.00
Usable Length 5.50 6.50 8.50 10.00
Circumference of Shaft 6.8 9.00 11.13 13.50
Diameter of Shaft 2.25 3.00 3.25 4.25
Circumference of Head 5.50 6.25 7.25 8.75


Bad Dragon toys are made in platinum cured silicone, with the amount of “firmness” varying depending on what you order.  A “split” option is not (yet) offered for this design, so I chose my always-successful firmness level of 5. This gives a somewhat-pliable feel to the toy but its not as soft that it cannot stand upright without leaning (my Naga toy does this often which has made photographing it a bit difficult). With the cumtube being placed into this toy, it does not appear to change make this toy any “harder”.  The tiny nubs upon the toy do not press in or give way when I hold or squeeze it.  Overall, I love how consistent the feel is throughout the toy.

Sensations For The Fox

This time around, R was home and I asked him to help me. Honestly, he had never done this before but I promised him it was “..for science!” *grins*

Bad Dragon Flint Closeup

Ridges, and sensual nubs…

Of the toys in my collection, Flint is the thickest at the toy’s tip. Even aside from the ridges from its “foreskin”, the toy has nub/bumps around it. Laying back in a comfortable position, I had R slide the tip in and admittedly, I could feel every ridge or nub as it passed my lips and went into me. The girth of the toy does come into play as it lacks a real dramatic taper. By the time about 1/3 of the toy was inside me, it was filling me up quite quick. There is no shortage of texture offered on this toy. Each ridge and nub gave me a thrill as R moved this toy in and out of me. My vaginal muscles were giving feedback with its spasms.

R began to make small pumps of the cumtube and I could feel the toy *literally* filling me up, the fluid dripping out of me with each stroke. R grinned as he heard me reaching a climax and there was an amusing moment when my muscles twitched in such a way and forced the toy back out of me, with a torrent of cumlube leaving my body and joining the existing puddle upon the towel.

At some point, the rubbing of all those textures inside me became too great and I practically cried out for R to cease play. Flint might be the most textured toy that I have tried and it appears my sensitive insides have a limit. Doesnt help that R was getting a thrill out of all the reactions he could get out of me.

Using The Cum Tube

Detail of Flint's Cumtube Option

Draining Dragon…

I continue to have great fun with the additional interactivity with this toy, using the cumlube inside the toy’s cumtube. Much of my experiences with insertable toys in general are enhanced when there is benefit for my partner(s) to interact with the toy as well and try all the ways  that they might make me squirm. With the cumtube option, my partners seem to respond to Bad Dragon toys more than any other “typical” toy one might find in my playroom.

Each cum-tube model comes with large capacity syringe, with easy attachment for the toy’s tube. Before play, I took the cumlube bottle and placed it inside a small open bin and filled the bin with enough warm water to keep the lube bottle from floating around but to make sure it warmed the contents inside. Bad Dragon syringes come in a clear plastic cylinder. Setting up your “sticky experience” is relatively easy but I advise you to make sure you have a towel at the ready.

Note: While “In use” picture for this product do exist, they are not listed here out of desire to present a professional review.  Those pics are available on My Porn Profile picset page.


Bad Dragon  Review - PackagingJust like their very basic packaging that I got when I bought it at con, Bad Dragon makes sure the box is as plain Jane as possible while being transported by your friendly postman. Couriers are not fond of boxes which rattle so there were also plenty of packing peanuts in here too. The actual items were wrapped in tissue paper, with the toy itself being wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.



This toy was a great experience for me. Bad Dragon continue to do what they can to offer variety in every aspect mentioned above. However, the toy’s lack of a distinct taper does make it harder for me to insert due to the overall girth of a toy. Its possible that, in time, this may change but definitely something to consider.

Buy It Now: Bad Dragon: Flint

Cleaning, Care and Storage

The care of this toy can be done with a 10% bleach solution but silicone of this type can also be cleaned with a sterilizing mix used for sterilizing baby bottles. Personally, I clean toys with the bleach mix, but am looking at other options. When not doing major cleanings, soap and water is fine or you can check out the number of silicone-friendly toy cleaners which exist on the market. Bad Dragon toys are dishwasher safe, but its recommended to place them on the top rack. Be careful how you lay them in there, as you don’t want anything poking or causing dimples in your toy as the cycle goes on. Dry with a lint-free cloth and leave it out to dry.

For storing the toys, you can store them in plastic bags, preventing any of your other toys from touching. One can also wrap them in towels or (hopefully) lint/shed-free fabric as long as you don’t use fabric softener with it. I always store them on the top (don’t let them get squished!) of some other containers, wrapped within fabric and out of harms way (especially because I store them in my play room).

For this one, which has a cumtube, I cleared the full tube beforehand by pumping warm water through it. After the wash cycle, fill your syringe with warm water and “pump through” a few times to clear any excess lube. For the cum tube, fill the syringe with warm water and pump through a few times to clear your lube from the cum tube. Try and hang the cum tube up, with the opening downwards so that excess water is drained

Recommended Accessories/Lubricants

In play, I don’t find myself adding lube onto me before penetration. With Bad Dragon toys being made of silicone, use of a water based lubricant is recommended. I like the Bad Dragon Dragon cum lube for these toys because of thier girth, allowing the toy to slide into me a bit easier. For the sake of those with allergies, do note that this cum lube does contain propylparaben and methylparabens.

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