Vixen Explorations with Delight

There is a storm outside, full of rain and light dancing across the sky. I’m not part of the “Yaaay, thunder” crowd, so I find myself coming to you and checking in.

After the furry convention I attended in Spring, I found myself renewed and with some different ideas towards my convention life. There are things I want to accomplish in my furry life and things I would like to do (again). While the full-time job has taken up my time (and so I haven’t been doing phone sessions lately), its nice to have more than sexy inspired intention to work with. I will continue to envision and play with my imagination regarding fursuiting.

A Second Chapter

It is spring, and I already can absorb change happening around me.  Some of the woes from my winter are settling down.  My oh-so-meddlesome pony also keeps me busy with all the trouble she has been getting into, with some goals hanging like a mighty carrot in front of her.  Important things looming, I find […]

Out of Sync, Out Of Time

Im not one to blog on negative aspects, but at this point, I do need to be honest with you as well as being honest with myself… Midway through this past year, I ran into some issues with my camming computer, mostly with regards to keeping my software updated properly for the sake of the […]

Pillow Talk – Hesitation & Provocation

With every great weekend away up north, there came a time where the social environment can become too overwhelming, or maybe you just get that irresistible calling to meditate and clear your head. The lighting changed from the subtle recessed lighting of this mountain home to the natural illumination of a sleeping sky. It was […]

Pillow Talk – Sage Scents

Sage is a huge turnon for me.  I cant tell you how many men get ravaged if one of us has it on.  I collect it in many forms from smudge sticks to body butter to massage oil. *** By the time studies were over, nighttime had fallen.  I nested, making a soft futon “bed” […]