Vixen Explorations with Delight

There is a storm outside, full of rain and light dancing across the sky. I’m not part of the “Yaaay, thunder” crowd, so I find myself coming to you and checking in.

After the furry convention I attended in Spring, I found myself renewed and with some different ideas towards my convention life. There are things I want to accomplish in my furry life and things I would like to do (again). While the full-time job has taken up my time (and so I haven’t been doing phone sessions lately), its nice to have more than sexy inspired intention to work with. I will continue to envision and play with my imagination regarding fursuiting.

Pillow Talk – Hesitation & Provocation

With every great weekend away up north, there came a time where the social environment can become too overwhelming, or maybe you just get that irresistible calling to meditate and clear your head. The lighting changed from the subtle recessed lighting of this mountain home to the natural illumination of a sleeping sky. It was […]

Pillow Talk – Sage Scents

Sage is a huge turnon for me.  I cant tell you how many men get ravaged if one of us has it on.  I collect it in many forms from smudge sticks to body butter to massage oil. *** By the time studies were over, nighttime had fallen.  I nested, making a soft futon “bed” […]

Pillow Talk – Lost In The Forest

The roughness of the tree met my backside.  I craned my neck to see as far as I could into the distance, scanning for anything of concern.  I edged along the tree, making that round, continuing to look ahead in all directions. Heading a click or two east, I found myself having to look at […]

Pillow Talk – Opening

Hmm…this was a tough one and I sure didnt want to go for the most obvious.  In the end, fighting and rough emotions may not be what one would define as “sexy”.  Sometimes through conflict you can find the deepest emotions and/or lusts, so Ill let this tale spin anyway *** When someone walks through […]

Pillow Talk – Negotiations

The sun was dipping into the horizon as I approached the cafe.   The sound of my mary janes were absorbed into the cafe din.  I stepped past a few leashed subs that were chained at their mistresses feet. Ordering chai tea, I used this time to check my phone to see if anything had […]

Pillow Talk – Public Places

Her breath was soft but ragged.  He pounded into her rhythmically and she braced herself well against the fire escape railing.  Her insides were swelling and she could feel their intermingling juices dripping off of her hot snatch and onto the stairs. It was a stormy night and people hurried to the shops below, errands […]

Pillow Talk – Dreams

In the moonlit room, she dreamt.  The most passionate melding existed, if but only in her mind.  A caress, a breath upon her face.  His eyes meeting hers.  No holds barred, they explored one another’s bodies as never before. The dark blue satin sheets, dynamically shifted the pattern of its fold.  A deep sigh exited […]