Friday Thighsday

I sometimes have a hard time getting up from a comfortable bed, but there are times you just have to. As I had asked, R came into my room one morning and stripped the covers from my bed. This pose kind of happened but before I could recover, and R practically commanded that I did […]

Vixen’s Favorite

Last week, I decided to get a camshow in before an appraiser was to visit the house. What had encouraged me to do so, despite the aforementioned heat? Why, a new outfit, of course! It came in the form of casual shopping at a department store while awaiting for R to get done buying something […]

Tried out Just BBW Cams Last Night

…and its quite neat. Last night, I hopped on around 2am (PST) just to see what kind of trouble I could get into. It has been decided that the funk/soul genre of music is my favorite music to cam with. In between dead times (and at 2am, what does one expect?) I was slinking around […]

Cyber Prowler

Sorry… no HNT today.  I *ahem* got distracted.  Ponies are indeed very distracting, especially when they inadvertently are begging to be used. Anyhow, before pony’s return last week, I was able to get on cam for a bit. Before I did, I got these shots. There are more from this set, and even some “up […]

HNT – Belled Boobies

When Miss returned, she had gifted me a few things.  The first one, handed to me by pony, was a pair of “mardi gras” beads with a cat bell on the end. Pet play + mardi gras type celebration = FTW! I just love them and couldnt help but jump around when I put them […]

HNT – Goodbye Summer

A lazy afternoon, drying my freshly cleaned nipple(s) is a thing of the past, once the bedroom goes back inside. Watching golden hour near every day and tying my pony to the deck will be replaced by a bit more indoor snuggly activity as fall is ready to pounce.  Ready for autumn?

I’m Now in DVD Form!

Despite that Kelly had already  told me about the release of this while seeing her at BBW Fanfest, it still is a surreal feeling to suddenly have a DVD in the mail with my likeness on it. Yup!  While I know all you kinky pervs want your images and video at your fingertips, the day […]