Choosing To Meet The Werewolf (Primal Hardwere Review)

Halloween time is coming up, and while I cant make any plans, its that time of year where we start thinking of costumes and the spooky creatures we might become.  Its a no brainer that Im totally hot for werewolves. I have thought of alot of transformation scenarios that would be so hot even if only from movie effects.  Such a creature of lore has always been represented as a turning point which humans enact something very primal.  

My introduction to “anthro” dildos even came from a toy meant to represent a werewolf (or canine). From a recent online search, I found another toy I wanted to try…and this one is a bit more *ahem* interactive.  Among the nylon harnesses (for fursuiters) and silicon dongs, there was Primal Hardwere‘s line of “wereables”, a wearable sheath for any male-bodied person interested in adding toys to their non-solo play.

Full view of the Growler, upon my bed.

Form and Design

All three of Primal Hardwere’s wearable toys offer 2 different sizes, according to the wearer’s length. My partner was kind of in between sizes but, upon a brief email inquiry I was advised to round up on the size, so we ordered a 7. Regardless of the size chosen, each one is created with the following measurements (on the outside).

Total Length 8.75 inches
Usable Length 8 inches
Shaft Diameter 2.25 inches
Shaft Circumference 6.8 inches
Knot Diameter 3 inches
Knot Circumference 9 inches

For anyone getting the 7-inch of a Primal Hardware toy, one has the option of an open or closed tip.  For the sake of safety (protection) and simplicity, we chose to leave the tip closed. Your toy can be created in one of 20 stock colors, as well as an option to have it two-tone for $10 extra.


Primal Hardwere’s intimate toys are made using platinum-cured silicone. The “finish” of the toy does appear a bit more rough than some other toys which I have tried but its definitely made of great quality silicone.

For now, they seem to only make one level of “hardness”.  Their focus was (as described on their website), “hard enough to insert, yet soft enough to easily stretch around your length.”.  When I took the toy from its packaging, I felt all along the shaft.  I could squeeze it and give it playful tugs. It was quite spongy. As I squeezed in areas closer to its tip, there was a bit more firmness due to being above the top of the inner sleeve.

Later on, when it was placed on my partner, I touched and squeezed at the surface again. In just a short time, it had become warm from my partner’s body heat. With the toy on him, any of the sponginess that I noticed from before was going away.  The toy is quite thick all around but overall girth increases dramatically once it is being worn.

Sensations For The Fox

R was definitely curious on how this toy would feel. One warm day, we decided to try it with a reviving shower, a great place to experiment without a huge mess.  J-Lube is a great water based lubricant, even if it requires a pre-mix just before play.  Holding the toy inverted, I rubbed the toy down on the outside with water and then placed a small dollop of lube into the tube.

I made sure the entire inside was coated with lube and then lovingly caressed my partner with some too. The toy slid on easily and I stepped back, watching the toy point up at a 45 degree angle with R’s hard-on.  Gently giving R a squeeze, I squeezed a few times at the shaft to ensure that an air pocket had not formed at the end of the tube.  I kept a bit of light stroking, admiring the feedback from the sheath moving on R.  We did try and get a little play in but with the wearable increasing R’s girth and length,  it seemed that our bodies (waistline, leg length) did not line up all that well.

Afterwards, I made R walk the distance from the bathroom to our upstairs room with the Growler still on him. He maintained half an erection, probably due to the break in play energy as we decided to take this upstairs. Regardless, the Growler stayed on thanks to the base “loop” on the toy which wraps around the wearer’s balls.

Growler Palm ComparisonAfter some foreplay and using my hands, we tried things with R in a fully reclined position.  I re-applied lube to myself and took the insertion slow.  R let me ride him on my own rhythm as I worked myself down on the toy.  Each time I would come down on my bounce, I would get a bit of feedback from inside the toy. R felt the toy was slightly big on him, so he’d be open to a size 6 should Primal Hardwere ever make one.

This toy definitely can fill you up fast so there was a bit of time before I could finally work the rest of the way across the knot.  Of note, there was one area towards the bottom/underside of the shaft, which seemed to really pull and stretch at my walls in that area. I did try and re-seat myself and change angles, to find positions which might alleviate the sensation.

While J-Lube can dry out (especially if there is a fan aimed on you), I did not have to worry about this as my own wetness added to the lube and kept us going. Using an “interactive” toy like this, I would want the toy to be pleasurable for both of us. Even with fast and/or long strokes, as long as lubricant was in play (on the inside) the feeling was pleasant for him.  A climax achieved with some werewolf play is unmatched. 😀


Unboxing view of Growler toy from Primal HardwereMy item came to me in a plain cardboard box with its labeling not having anything that suggested such an intimate product was inside.  This is about as discreet as you can get it. It used air packs to keep the item from moving about in the box during shipment.  The Growler was sealed in a plastic bag within.


4 Tailswishes out of 5. The Growler is a great addition to R and I’s toybox, using sturdy, high-quality silicone.  The outer surface of the toy had a few areas that seemed (and felt) rougher but a very awesome product for non-solo play.  This toy offered us mutual pleasure, adding to our fantasies.  

Buy It Now: Primal Hardwere’s Growler Wereable

Cleaning, Care and Storage

Cleaning a silicone toy is relatively easy. If you are doing a brief, precursory cleaning, one can just use soap and water. In addition, there are plenty of toy cleaning products out there to do the job. Be sure to check the labeling on these bottles carefully to verify that the cleaner you choose does not have any advisories against silicone materials.  If in doubt, do a patch test.

Platinum-cured silicone sex toys really are one of the most body safe materials you can place into your body.  For proper cleaning, I tend to use a 10/90% bleach-water solution. However, for those inclined, one could also clean Primal Hardwere toys using a sterilizing mix designed for cleaning baby bottle nipples. I do not share my toys with others but, if you do, Id recommend this above the aforementioned precursory cleaning.  Because of the sleeve aspect of this toy, make sure you clean the inside well and double check that it is fully dry and lube-free.

While I have not actually done this, I don’t doubt that Primal Hardwere toys can be placed in the dishwasher.  Id recommend using the top rack to do this. Because wearables are hollow, Id suggest putting them face down, using the grill to support the base.  Due to the areas near that base which are thinner, be mindful of any sharp areas around it. Dry with a lint-free cloth and leave it out to dry.

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