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Winter is here in the mountains and the holiday times brought both joy and anxiety to me this 2012 holiday season. Miss eventually returned from the East Coast, and I found myself with the hard task of needing to hide my gifts for her and Pony. Around that same time, Erotic Toy Town’s review parcel arrived. For a short while, it served as a slight cover for the gifts that were delivered to my house since I do so much of my shopping online.

This will be my first of (hopefully) many, reviews that I shall do for products offered by Erotic Toy Town. Curled up in a warm blanket (and no longer cursing the computer for losing this document initially), I shall tell you my experiences with my first reviewed product.

This spandex hood is part of the Fetish Fantasy Series

Part of Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series, the Spandex 3-Hole Hood was packed neatly in a sturdy cardboard box. I took out the neatly folded hood, and held it in my hands. It seemed to have a sturdy thickness. The spandex had a light sheen and it had been given a one and a half inch collar. Still doubled/folded over, I gently stretched the garment in the vertical and horizontal directions. Found myself pleasantly surprised at the 4-way stretch spandex.

While less expensive 2-way works well for spandex accessories and small garments such as this….Pipedreams likely went for versatility for the “one size fits most” sizing that most sexy accessories are created in. That evening, the hood would go on more than just myself.

With my pony working on a project just behind me, the first “victim” was obvious. As the hood went on over Meddle’s head, I watched the eye holes settle into position. While the eyes were more than wide enough on pony, they seemed a bit too close together. Starting at the front middle (at the neck), a seam went under the chin, interrupted by the mouth opening. It continued on at the upper lip, around the nose, up the forehead and finishing by going up and over the head. No doubt that this was causing the “cinch” I saw between the two eye holes.

Periodically, I would ask my “labpony” about how it felt in the area of the nose and between the eyes. That down-the-center seam still kind of bugged me when looking at it on him due to the closeness of the eye holes. However, pony only noted a slight discomfort after that first half hour.

Stitch detail shot of Pipedreams 3-Hole Spandex Hood

After pony went home for the day, I finally felt comfortable indulging in my affinity for spandex encasement. Continued editing video, which served as only a small distraction from my tactile based fetish that I would inevitably face (but I was determined to review this without bias of my kink, if you know what I mean) Like pony, I did notice a bit more pressure on my hose after the first forty five minutes. The pressure never got above that slight discomfort. The eye holes were just as close together on me as they were on pony (despite that Meddle is about one and a half inches bigger in the forehead than I). No real big deal and I happily geeked away the evening hours.

3-Hole Spandex hood worn by Vixen Blu

When I laid down for the night, I slept in sweet encasement. Usually, I awake once or twice in the night either because of the dogs or because of something dream-related. That night, I slept in comfort all the way through the night. When I awoke in the morning, shifting of the eye holes and mouth opening had occurred, but only in a minimal fashion. When I reached to the top of my head for removal, that is when I noticed the one bad thing about spandex and long term wear- the short hairs had poked through parts of the hood that hugged the buzz cut sides of my mohawk.

Short hair on the head will poke through this spandex hood with extended wearR’s hair is thicker than mine, so I took care when I tried it on him. This is the point where that “one size fits most” designation was put to the test, due to R’s 24.5 inch forehead. The hood was passable on him but definitely pushing the boundaries of what head size that hood could take. Still, the sturdiness of the 4-way stretch and serged edges makes a difference. Pipedreams gives me confidence that some of these erotic toy companies are “getting it” when designing products to expand into the kink market. This hood’s price of $19.99 makes it a good jump-off point for those curious about spandex or adding an encasement aspect to their play.


For this zentai fetishist, I can definitely say that this will become a great addition to my personal sexy-time arsenal. This slinky product earns 4.5 tail swishes out of 5

Buy It Now: Pipedreams 3-Hole Spandex Hood

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