Playful Vixen Blu

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“It isnt easy being a fox, but foxes sure are easy…”

Height: 5 foot 6.5

Weight:  ~215lbs (fluffy)

Measurements: 45-42-50

Bra Size: 44B/C

Dress Size: 18-22 (depending on line/company)

Shoe Size: 10.5 (or 11 if wearing high heels)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light Brown is my natural but I love playing dressup with all sorts of wigs.

Interests: Tech/geek toys, Fandom favorites (media and creative work), light costume and crafting, playing with geek toys (including video games)

Being comfortable with myself inside and out keeps me vibrant, healthy, and feeling myself enough to make some hot content.  Life is not to be taken too seriously — from my fat rolls to the very things I enjoy in life.  Ever adventurous, it was inevitable that I might take a trip through a side door and wind up here, exploring my fantasies in real-time (or in front of the camera).

Roleplay lets me change things up and really is the center piece of the things I most desire.  My power dynamic is that of a switch, which allows for more new experiences and to find more ways of play for me to enjoy.  My fluffy self roams the fetish part of fantasy.  During roleplay, I crave those moments where nothing matters but myself and the other players, feeling that warm energy from sexual and/or sensual play…even when we are physically apart.  Imagination leaves room to clear my mind, embracing the freaky

Furry and Petplay

Animal-roleplay (as in “pet play”) is a big kink of mine, this aspect just a sensual part of my connection to furry fandom.  Explored artistically through anthropomorphic art, I explore the same thing sensually through animal roleplay. While this cannot apply to every furry, my ‘furriness’ is a lifestyle.  My sexuality is scattered with experiences and thoughts related to furry, or put a “furry filter” onto kinks/fetishes that I enjoy.  Its easy to see why I might drop into the headspace of an animal, exploring some scene with a furry filter going in my head.

A bit of my feline side has also become part of an ever evolving relationship with my pet, meddle.  My leopard side is highly involved as I take on the role of trainer to a very meddlesome pony.  The jungle cat in me emerges to keep her in line.  While meddle is not a furry herself, a bit of that crosses over as I become a voyeur to my willing partner’s becoming.  You can only imagine the paces this trainer has to put her through, steering the course….