Smokin’ First Date

Those who enter the Black Widow will find its a bistro of a different kind. While some might take thier lady to a dinner and a movie, I like something a bit more… intimate. Consider this a narrative journey from a roving Wolf, on the Outside of a smoking first date. My date is a […]

Vixen Explorations with Delight

There is a storm outside, full of rain and light dancing across the sky. I’m not part of the “Yaaay, thunder” crowd, so I find myself coming to you and checking in.

After the furry convention I attended in Spring, I found myself renewed and with some different ideas towards my convention life. There are things I want to accomplish in my furry life and things I would like to do (again). While the full-time job has taken up my time (and so I haven’t been doing phone sessions lately), its nice to have more than sexy inspired intention to work with. I will continue to envision and play with my imagination regarding fursuiting.

A Second Chapter

It is spring, and I already can absorb change happening around me.  Some of the woes from my winter are settling down.  My oh-so-meddlesome pony also keeps me busy with all the trouble she has been getting into, with some goals hanging like a mighty carrot in front of her.  Important things looming, I find […]

Gutterpunk Barbershop

I’m heading out for the most excellent of adventures but this long hair has got to go. Passing into the desert, I stopped in at Bonnie’s dark, grungy barbershop. Half dressed for the festival already, I already have my shredded shirt over some layers of fishnet. Seated upon a rough chair, Bonnie starts the clippers […]

No More Work, Time For Play

The beginning of this year has become a time of flux (vs fucks).  Lots of change but it has involved a mutual (within my household) sense of sacrificing a bit of the time we spend playing with extra work. Such hard work will eventually pay off but right now, I feel like Cinderella who desires just one […]