Video Vixen FAQs

photo of Vixen Blu's DIY lighting setup

Being a playful vixen is about using your imagination and letting yourself roll over for imagination to to do its work.  Creativity has always been a part of me and while I’m really shy, I have worked in mediums that put me in front of the camera.  However, with some of that sexy stuff I like, its nice that I have an outlet for the stuff that was a bit too sexy for my earlier purrsuits.

My casting ‘folio definitely could use new material so I am open to shooting photosets and/or creating sets of stills from whatever footage we shoot.  I like the make the most out of every shoot — from the talented directors and photographers … to the great backdrops and setups provided by collaborators.

What content do you like to create?

There are many things that turn me on and I have quite a “bucket list”.  Working solo for the most part but would love to shoot more with other models.   My plush body is open to working with others of different body types and purrsuasions, loving the body confident sexual beings out there.

Fetish is a big part of my life so here are (some) of my biggest kinks:

  • Animal Roleplay (also called pet play)
  • Bondage – leather, shackles and harnesses
  • Rope Bondage (“shibari/kinbaku)
  • Animal Roleplay (also called pet play)
  • BDSM Roleplay in general
  • Costumes (I like to play pretend)
  • Spanking
  • Shibari (and the art of rope tying) – I love practicing with nylon but Im a jute girl…
  • Chubby/BBW Body Exploration (examples: belly jiggling, fupa, boob bouncing..)
  • Femme Domme Themed
  • Pegging/Strapon Play
  • Facesitting/Queening – I love feeling you under me…
  • Transformation (use your imagination!)

What file formats are available?

All videos are available as MP4, but can also be made available as a WMV and MOV.  While some of my early material was in smaller screen resolutions, I have shot in HD whenever possible.  My home rig is an HD and shoots 1920 pixel wide footage. Depending on the content or client specifics, a photoset from a film might also be available.  These will be sent to you in a compressed ZIP file, with full quality JPGs within.

Can I make requests?

Absolutely! In addition to the above list, I am open to shooting other content I may have not thought of before.  However, know that requests arent a guarantee that the content will be made. When one orders a custom video, than it gives me room to hook up what needs to be done for your customized media.